TED-ish Talk!!!!

For Language Arts class we had to make a talk to share with the class on something that we’re passionate about. I chose to make my talk on “Murder Mysteries and What Makes A Perfect Mystery.” I really enjoyed doing this because it was something I wanted to talk about not be forced to talk about. This was the last big project that we have done in language arts because the year’s ending. We had a slide show with pictures that we project on the TV and we read our speaker notes or bullet points to the class. It was a little scary to speak, but I would 10/10 definitely recommend making a TED-like talk for your class.

Tree Book 🌳📚


This year in language arts we made a tree book to show at a gallery. During the tree book project, I worked on cutting cardboard, finding leaves, and color printing by hand. We showed our books at the mall over the past weekend. We had different parts of writing inside of our tree books. I had a passage about my dad, what I want to do in my lifetime and what we will do when COVID is over. I also had a lot of fun decorating the tree book and choosing colors for paper. I had a lot of fun getting to show my parents my work and showing them all the hard work it took me. It is a fun activity to do with your friends and I would definitely do this again.

First, we collected leaves to print onto our books to decorate using colors. Second, we added words to the black background for texture, third we glued all of that down to have a base to work on. Next, we added the text we made for the book (the passages) and after all of that was done we showed them in the Frank Gallery exhibit at the mall. I hope you all go out and try making your own tree book.


This year we worked on stocks in Language Arts class. We read a book called The Westing Game. In this book, there was a character named Turtle. She enjoyed looking at stocks and was very interested in investments.

While we were working on our stocks we were also learning about how to use a spreadsheet, how it is important to look into the stocks that you are choosing and that stocks were affected by what was happening in the world. We started out with $20,000 to invest in six or less companies using as many shares as we chose to. I chose the stocks Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, Ulta, Target and Coca-Cola. I chose the stocks because I believe they would do the best. I ended up losing $6026.70. This ended up helping me a lot with learning about what a stock or investment is.

Planetarium Field Trip!

This Wednesday, April 27, 2022, the Durham Academy 6th grade took a field trip to the Morehead Planetarium. It is on the UNC campus and we got to walk around and look at the statues. This was our first field trip since 4th grade! We learned about Newton’s laws, static electricity, gravity, nitrogen, and different constellations for zodiacs from the sun. We had visual explanations for most of the things we learned. For example, when we were learning about nitrogen, the woman who taught us let us touch liquid nitrogen clouds, for gravity we dropped things to show that they lose energy when they hit the floor. For electricity, she used many different materials to show electricity like those static orbs that you touch and the electricity follows you.  For the constellations, we went to a dome and looked at them while a professor explained! We didn’t get to drink water so lunch was very nice and refreshing. We got to see different types of mosquitoes under a microscope. There was also a wave box where it showed different types of barriers protecting a house from a larger than normal wave with a game to beat other people’s high scores. I would definitely recommend going to the planetarium. 

Book Recommendation!!

I would like to recommend the book Best Bad Babysitters by Caroline Cala! I would recommend this to someone who likes The Babysitters Club show or books because this is based on the series. This book does not have pictures but it has specific details to help you imagine it. I enjoy this book because the titles of chapters are funny, an example of one would be “MALIA BECAUSE CLEARLY NOBODY WILL EVER CALL ME ALIA!!!” The people in the book go through things we do and there’s conflict between siblings that’s realistic. I would not recommend this to people who find arguments or lots of dialogue annoying. This book is digital and I’m currently reading it!



Back in December through January my grand and I made comics. They aren’t just any comics, but a comic on a tale. These tales are called wisdom tales and we have been reading them throughout the beginning of the year. They would have morals and teach basic life lessons. The tales were from different cultures, religions, and countries. For my comic I chose the tale, “The Wild Strawberry.” I chose it because when you are faced with two options that both end up in the same bad place. Find the smallest thing to bring a little light to that situation. 

The tale is about a man getting chased by a tiger and jumps to a vine when he looks down there is a different tiger. When he has nowhere to go that doesn’t have a tiger he realizes there’s a strawberry near him. He grabs it and takes a bite then realizes that he never knew how good a strawberry could be. It took me a while to realize why he would care about just a strawberry when all this was happening. But it hit me that when nothing is going well, people tend to find the smallest things to make them happy.  

I made the artwork for this drawing on an app named, “Sketchbook. That is an app where you can draw, add shapes, change colors and much more! After I made the images I would put them into the app, “Comic Life 3.” In the comic app I would add text bubbles, thought bubbles and action bubbles! I didn’t even know there was a comic app until this, or that you can make your own comics!


For the past few months I have been really interested in boba. I especially like making it! I have a really good recipe for making it too! I have multiple different things I put boba in, like: smoothies, chai tea, special family recipes for tea and just eating the tapioca with honey. 

My recipe for homemade boba that I would say is my favorite is: 


  • Make a batch of 5 minute boba 
  • Put the hot pearls in 50% brown sugar and 50% hot water. 


Don’t start the next steps until the boba is halfway so it’s cooled down for the time you put them in the finished drink. 

  • 1 cup hot vanilla chai tea (made with a tea packet)
  • 1 ½ cup of milk 
  • As much honey as you would like 
  • Then blend the honey and milk till no honey is there and just a off white/ beige colored milk
  • The add the warm vanilla chai tea in the cup of honey milk
  • Mix with a straw for milkshakes (so you can drink the boba through the straw)
  • Add the cooled down boba pearls 

Boom! Boba! 

I also like to go out and get boba! My favorite place to get boba is at the mall! I usually get strawberry twister tea! Or mango smoothie with pearls! I also sometimes get it at “pho” places, they make it really good. I usually get mango! And I love trying new places! Tell me any boba places you recommend!

Daily Habits!

Photo is from: photosforclass.com

In Language Arts we were doing planks to help build stamina. We did this from September 13- November 23, 2021. We did this every day (even out of school,) and every week we would add 15 seconds to our time to plank. I learned that if you focus and know why you want to keep going, it’s easier to push your self to get there.

I overcame the challenge of pushing myself to get better. At the beginning, I had trouble doing 30 seconds. And by the end I did: 3.03 minutes. I think it was a fun things to do. The benefits were 100% worth it. The benefits are being able to remember doing these planks, so now I can try to do more things to help my body and mindset.

My new habit is waking up on time. I have always a had trouble with this but now that I’m aiming towards something it’s getting better. I also want to have a better sleep schedule so this is also a very helpful thing for me, and my body.


I chose the book Smile for finding out if the book is a window or mirror. A window is when you see somebody else in a character. A mirror is when you see them in a similar situation of life as you. The reason I chose Smile is because I also just went to the dentist and when I came to school I felt embarrassed about how my teeth looked, and that’s how Raina felt. Raina also had just started middle school when that happened, just like me. She also got sick of the dentist just like me. That’s why it’s a mirror. The mirror is me hopping into Raina, the main character’s life and experiencing what she experienced. The author of Smile is Raina Telgemeier. The entire book is based on what happened to her. That’s why I feel like many other kids could relate to the book. 

What I Would Pack :)


I am like Reesie in a way, we all are if we do what she did. In my backpack, I put what I think is a necessity. The reason I did that was I thought back to what Reesie did in the book, Finding Someplace. The book was assigned as summer reading but I still really enjoyed it. The book Finding Someplace was written by Denise Lewis Patrick and published August 4, 2015. It is a really good book about Hurricane Katrina and what Reesie needed to take with her when her house was going to flood. You will never know when it’s your last time to see your house again. The reason I said that was because I was grabbing everything I thought was a necessity because we would be grabbing the things we would’ve taken if we were in Reesie’s place.

It was hard to decide what you would want if you could only take what you need or your most important items. I also have decided to bring a first aid kit because it seems dangerous during a time like that and I could get hurt. I also decided to bring hair ties so my hair won’t get stuck to things as my hair is very long. I needed to bring a hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste because that’s basic hygiene. I also brought my stuffed animal to comfort me. As Reesie brought things that would be important to her and her family she also brought some comfort things. I also grabbed clothes and pjs because I would most likely get docked if I was in a hurricane. I brought some snacks because I would get hungry. On the side of my bag I attached a water bottle to make sure I’m hydrated! I also grabbed gum so I wouldn’t starve while on the move and  it doesn’t take up too much space. I took my phone/ ipad and charger to make sure I always have a way to contact people. Just in case something goes wrong. That’s all I could think to put in my bag, but if this were actually happening I would panic and I would never be sure what makes the cut to come.