no more.

I’m now not allowed to go in my dads room because of the corona virus. Have any of you guys not being able to go in any of your parents room it’s really hard so if you have tell me in the comments. Some of the other things I’m not allowed to do are go on a vacation like you and every Buddy else on this planet.

I think I probably miss the most in Quarantine is being able to play with all of you guys and learn what have you miss the most about being in quarantine. Good thing is next year we’re going to be together for four more years so that’s good. Some of the things I kind a like the most about Quarantine is Being able to sleep in a little later do more stuff at night and since my family got a fireplace we have been making s’more’s and hanging out in our new Hamic. what are some things that you’ve been able to do.


I miss you guys so very much but don’t forget we will be out of school soon and be able to enjoy the summer the state is opening up soon so don’t forget about that.



Happy Easter. For Easter me and my family celebrated Easter but my mom was at work so me and my dad celebrated Easter together.




For Easter i got a lot of interesting stuff, one of the things that i got was 2 Twix eggs,

They look so delicious I’m so thankful to have them I’m so tempted to eat them.

One of the other things i got were Water color shoes and i love them i wore them already like 5 times and Easter was 3 days ago. Kinda like this.



One of the other things i got for Easter is a 40 ounce bag of Twix.


They look so delicious i cant wait to eat them.

one of the other thing i got for Easter is 2 bags of Hershey kisses.


I was supper Excited when I saw that I Also had got some graham crackers and marshmallows because me and my mom chose out a brand new fire pit and some chairs so we could roast marshmallows and makes S’mores together so when I saw everything that was there  I was super excited to roast marshmallows for the first time because I’ve never had a s’more before but the one thing I got really sad about this since we’re staying at home there’s no Easter egg hunts going to the mall and getting freaked out by those fake Easter bunny’s.





I am really sad that we all can not be with each other at school but it has been really nice to sleep in l also have had two baby sitters Isabell and Ms. Evans at Ms. Evans house I have a lot of fun cause of her dogs.

This is what one of her dogs looks like.

She is the youngest her name is Tootsie she’s very hyper. Some of the Things I’m sad about are we can’t be together in that awesome school of ours, That I can’t go to dance class I want the things I’m most sad about it since I’m an only child I have no kids to play with. In my spare time I have been doing a lot of crafts and playing outdoors, reading, baking muffins.

sense in my last post I told you that we couldn’t do any St. Patrick’s Day stuff because of the coronavirus I was really sad that we also didn’t have April fools day together and on April Fools’ Day I I’ve never done an April fools day prank so I had a lot of time to think about what I was gonna do and I froze my dad cereal.hope you guys have a great long spring break.





St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day I made a leprechaun trap it Was really frustrating because it would keep falling apart and I would have to re-tape it or glue it so the night before St. Patrick’s Day I was really afraid it would break and when I woke up in the morning nothing would be there because it was broken.

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At home me and my mom love to make cookies, muffins  and ice cream. One of our best treat are my mom and I’s cookies. Here’s the recipe from Allrecipes

After I do all of the that I put my final touch pink and blue sprinkles and if it is a holiday I use the holidays colors.

One of my favorite types of muffins are lemon poppy seed, my favorite type of cake is double chocolate fudge.

One of the most important things about baking is making sure you have have all the right  ingredients cause if you have the wrong ingredients it would taste different, the second is precision cause if you don’t have good precision it will not taste as good.

Raleigh Feis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday night I am taking a test called grades for Irish dance I will be doing grades one and two the easiest tests there are ten tests you can do number ten when you are sixteen years old.

On Saturday morning I will be at the Raleigh convention center doing teams and solo dances for a couple of hours my teacher Mrs.Fitz will maybe come if she can on sun day I will dance again but I will only do solos like reel, slip jig, treble jig, hornpipe, light jig and saint pats my favorite.

One of the best things about the feis is the raffle and venders and the hotel they have a club room and my mom is in the club so we get all you can drink hot cocoa and all you can eat gummy bears and m and ms and Chex mix and spice crackers.

I’m going to ARIZONA

Last thursday I took a two hour flight to Arizona.

The reason I was going is to Arizona is that I feis it is called Feis in the desert 🌵and Dancing in the dust I will be there for six days, but two of them were on the ✈️ plane.

I was really excited when I saw my score I got a first place, second place, two thirds, two fourths and a fifth so I was really surprised cause I have never done that well at a a feis.

I really think I will want to do that feis next year cause it is good practice for other feis’s.







Out of all the Christmas’s I have had in my life I would say this is my favorite of all cause I got a lot of cool things.

One of those cool things is a light up wheels Bluetooth metallic pink hoverstar hover board. And here is kind of what mine looks like.

That may look really expensive but it was really only $185.

One of the other things I got for Christmas was a pair of fly high stilts (you can get them at Walmart) So here’s what they look like.

And they are only $85+ and that is my second favorite present (my first was the hover board)

One of the other Christmas presents I got was a pair of AirPods and this what they look like.

And they are $130+.

One of the other things I got was a red canon camera 📸 and they are from my ant sima and I don’t know how much they cost and here is what they look like.

Some of the other things I got were art supplies like markers, paint brushes, macaroon erasers and stuff like that I also got baking supplies like ice molds, bowls and other stuff so that was my Christmas.

Roller Blading Adventures

Not all of my posts are about dance I also LOVE roller blading I have been doing it sense I’ve been 6.

And these are the blades I have.

When I was learning how to blade I was so bad, I couldn’t even put my blades on. My next door neighbor was the one who taught me how to blade in the first place 3 years ago. And ever sense then her and her brother are my true best friend forever. But sadly this summer them and there family moved to Virginia. After they moved out me and my other friend on the street became quite good friends so we decided to rollerblade and roller skate together.

Roller blades usually cost $20-50 mine were at least $30.

When I learned how to blade I wore knee pads and hand pads and a helmet they are about 5-15 dollars.

And those are my roller blading adventures.